Above all other things in life, I cherish love the most. I without a doubt have the best husband on the planet, and feel lucky to wake up every morning and live my dreams. Whether it’s the love I share with my husband, baby boy, family, friends, or my beautiful dogs…love is what makes my world go ’round and it’s what has drawn me  to a life in photography.

Friendships are a wonderful part of life, and building personal relationships with my clients is one of the best parts of the job…and leads to genuinely fun and intimate images.  Above all else, I want your photographs to be a representation of who you are. 

I was born and raised in Los Angeles, but have been a world traveler since I was a little girl. I believe experiencing different cities, cultures and languages awakens your soul and shapes your path in life.

Before transitioning my career to photography I worked in the fashion industry for 8 years which has actually worked out to be a wonderful marrying of skills as I have a trained eye for trends and incorporate my experience into each and every shoot. I must admit my time in the fashion industry has plagued me with a bit of a shopping addiction…but nobody is perfect =).

I believe in giving back to this world however you can…there is always good to be done and a way to make a difference. I believe that life is a compilation of moments…whether they be happy, inspirational, sad…it is these moments that shape us into who we are and change our lives forever. This is my passion. To capture the heart and soul of these candid moments for you to cherish for a lifetime. 

I am here to capture life.

I am here to make memories.

I am here to love.







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